Hi, I'm back.

Hi. I've taken a little break. But I'm back. Slowly but surely. You might remember me as one half of This Sweet Love Photography. Well, Noella and I split (very amicably) back in 2013. The timing was just never right. I was working full time at a job I loved and had to make a decision. I chose the ballet. Although I'm no longer there I definitely don't regret the way things went.

I missed it though, so here I am. I'm happy to capture you and your loved one. You and your kids. You and your family. You and your pets. You.

Lately, I've been keeping busy taking photos of my friends and their kids! For the past couple months, I've been raising money for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and my Mud Hero adventure! I will be taking donations in lieu of payment until end of June. Then I run through the mud! I thank all my amazing friends/clients.