We are MARRIED! Symon & Meghan.

I've been friends with Symon since high school (so many, many years) & with Meghan since they started dating. I love these two so much. So funny, so full of life and so, so awesome.

I knew their wedding day was going to be amazing and it sure was! It was glamorous (mostly Meghan) and so much fun seeing all the hard work and detail and how many friends and family members stepped in to share their various talents on the special day. A highlight for me was seeing an old English class pal, Matt and his lovely bride perform one of my favorite songs Easy Silence for one of the first dances. 

A huge thanks to Emily Christie for helping me out tremendously all day!

the fine print: I am not booking weddings at this time. if you like what you see - i can happily recommend a few photographers with similar styles. xx.